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Dustless Sanding

dustless sanding addex group.pngDustless Sanding is an interesting phrase. You cannot sand, grind or cut without creating dust, however you can maximise your control of the dust you produce by using the correct vacuum and suitable shrouds or guards on the machines.

For most dusts produced today you will need to use one of either of the below filter types to comply with Health and Safety regulations.

M Class Vacuum which filter 99.95% of all dust extracted. This means the air that’s exhausted has particles of dust less than 0.1mg still present.

H Class Vacuum which filter 99.997% of all dust extracted. Filtering out more of the finer dust particles that can be harmful.

With vacuums ranging from small tool vacuums such as the Starmix i-Pulse and the Maxvac DV35 to large mobile and fixed vacuum systems we have something for every situation and budget. The high performance and ultra-mobile Starmix and Maxvac vacuums boast extreme durability and highly effective automatic filter cleaning for the continuous collection of that harmful fine dust at source. Ideal for employees wanting to complete a job without interruption. They can keep the vacuum running for longer without having to down tools to unclog those normally dust filled filters.

With 110v power take-off the Starmix and Maxvac vacuums are ideal for attaching powerful sanders and other tools with up to a 2200W power level and continuously running them without losing power, making this compact high performance vacuum truly indispensable.

Addex also offer a range of products to assist in catching the dust at source when cutting and drilling. They’re easy to use, save time, incur less mess and are suitable for use with all professional vacuum cleaners:

  • Drilling Shrouds; easy to use, use for core drills up to 6” including wet slurry
  • Grinder Guards; easy to assemble and use, fits almost all 5 and 9” grinders with a universal connection
  • The Starmix Bohrfixx – a dust free solution for vacuuming directly next to the drill hole, so you can drill walls and ceilings, dust free up to 14mm 
  • The WaleTale clips onto the rim of most buckets, allowing you to safely mix indoors without dust going everywhere. Ideal for tiling, flooring and plastering.

Ultimately, as employers you’ll need to protect your workforce and using dated equipment can pose serious health, safety and legal implications. So, whether you’re grinding concrete, sanding plaster, wood or paint, sweeping or even draining flooded rooms - tackle it with the correct equipment and keep the air clean.

It’s the unseen dust which can be the most harmful to your workforce, so total dust control in the work area is paramount. That’s why here at Addex we work with manufacturers who have developed a range of high performance air cleaning solutions which our clients have come to rely on for the safe collection and management of that fine and hazardous dust on site.

As Jason from Lockyer Property Services explained “it saves clearing up the fine dust at the end of a job. This makes it very good for working in public areas as it keeps areas free from dust.”

We all know excessive exposure to dust can be linked to very serious health issues, such as lung cancer or asthma, so as an employer you have a duty to reduce that risk wherever possible.

In the workplace rocks, sand, clay, bricks and concrete create dust called Silica when they are cut, sanded or carved. Some of this dust is too fine to see under normal lighting but once inhaled deeply into the lungs can be lethal.

Wood dust can also cause serious health problems such as asthma, a problem particularly for carpenters and joiners working on site. Current legislation states that softwood, hardwood dust and formaldehyde are considered hazardous to health.

With our range of innovative products Addex are continuously striving to protect you and your employees on site by making dust control a priority. With our range of dustless sanding tools and the correct vacuums, air cleaners and accessories your work environment really can be a safer place.

For our full range of dust control equipment simply chat with us live, or call our experts on 01432 346850.

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