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Dust Management Solutions

Dust is a major concern on construction sites, over 500 construction workers are believed to die from exposure to silica dust alone every year.

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Here at Addex, we take the health of your workforce seriously. That’s why we search, develop and supply an innovative range of dust control equipment to contractors UK wide.

We understand the threat dust poses to your workforce. Many construction workers are exposed to high levels of dust every day, even undertaking common construction tasks like drilling or sawing and as a consequence are at high risk. Regularly breathing in dust can seriously damage your health, and over a long period can cause life changing illnesses and in some cases prove fatal.

Our aim here at Addex is to provide our clients with an innovative range of dust control equipment to reduce the dust generated on site and therefore the risks of exposure. As one client explained “the Max Vac is excellent, not only have I never had to replace or change the filters but it saves clearing up the fine dust at the end of a job too, it’s perfect for working in public areas, keeping walkways dust free and ensures road user’s vision isn’t restricted.”

Because main contractors and the HSE are so concerned about the damage dust can cause, many construction sites insist that contractors have their own M or H class vacuums before they start work.

To give you an idea, here’s a selection of our dust management solutions already revolutionising the way construction site managers keep their environments dust free:


The Starmix. A versatile, powerful vacuum which removes unseen dangerous dust particles.Sensibly priced and sized, it’s perfect for multiple jobs


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The Bohrfixx. A vacuum attachment which removes dust at source whilst drilling.

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The WaleTale. An ingenious vacuum attachment which clips onto the edge of a bucket sucking up the clouds of dust created when pouring dry aggregate. 

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 The Dust Blocker 500. An air cleaner delivering 500 m³ of clean air to your workspace every hour.  

Dust Management Solutions Dustblocker500.pngTo bring clean air back into your workplace the key is to catch it at source.

Whilst our AS170 Brick and Mortar Saw effectively cuts deep, clean and square through a wide range of materials with no dust clouds, you can also directly attach The Starmix M Class vacuum to it, removing dust at source.

Addex also supply the dustblocker range to remove unseen dust. These quiet machines operate continuously 24 hours a day to clean the air you and your employees breathe. Suitable for many applications they can be used in woodworking shops where MDF dust is airborne and any other areas where silica dust from concrete, brick grout or mortar may be present.

As dust management specialists, we also offer a range of filter options to ensure you get the best dust management solution to suit you.

For our full range of dust control equipment simply Contact us, chat with us live, or call our experts on 01432 346850.

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